Habanero Mexican Grill

So I have to confess that Habanero is one of my favorite lunch spots. It’s one of the few (non-chain) restaurants in town that has a steady line at lunchtime. They boast that they don’t own a can opener and everything is made fresh. I’ve found this to be true and have enjoyed many a meal there.

Most recently I ordered the steak tacos. Service is always goods and friendly as they are takeout style. The food is made to order and you get to pick from plentiful options such as four different types of salsa, several protein options and then the usual taco or burrito toppings. The tacos didn’t disappoint. The steak was tender (only a few pieces were cut a little big), the toppings fresh and the flavors were as satisfying as I expected.

My only complaint was that they were about out of sweet tea when I went through the line. They had refilled though by the time I was done so it wasn’t a big deal since I could get a refill to go.

Still one if my favorite places for lunch and they get four stars (out of five). Yum!

Ryan’s Rating: Ryan gives Habanero a rating of The Twilight Series. Almost everyone loves it, except me, because it makes me physically sick to my stomach. Disclaimer: anything even a little spicy, or sparkly vampires, makes me sick to my stomach, so it is no fault of Habanero’s. There’s just no excuse for Stephanie Meyer, though.


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