Just to be quick and clear this blog is mostly about food (and probably a little bit of guns–thanks to Ryan). Ryan and I have a goal as a couple to make an invitation to our house a guarantee of a good meal. We both love to cook, and we love good food. I can say that we are authentic foodies as the majority of our free time at home (I type this on a snow day while sipping spiced wine, watching Food Network and planning dinner which includes sweet Italian sausage made from lamb that I picked up at a local meat market.) and our vacations are focused on food–where to eat and what to take home.

On this blog you will find commentary on recipes and local restaurants. We live in an area that doesn’t have an abundance of locally owned restaurants but we have some hidden gems that are easily overlooked in the plethora of chain restaurants. I’ll give you my review and rating and then Ryan will give you his. The difference is probably that Ryan is a meat and potatoes guy and I’m a little more open minded đŸ™‚

Finally, you can join me on my journey to build a healthier lifestyle for Ryan and I (and our future family) by obtaining as much of our food as possible from local sources. I want to know where my food comes from and what’s in it (and definitely what’s not). It’s a new challenge for a new year!


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